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How to Sell NFT on Opensea?

How to Sell NFT on Opensea?

Open-sea is a blockchain-based marketplace that allows users to sell their unique digital assets (NFTs). NFTs are essentially tokens that represent real-world assets like gold, cars and artwork. The platform has been around since 2017 and has been gaining popularity among traders who want to sell their digital assets on the blockchain.

What Is NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. This is one of the hottest new trends in cryptocurrency and it allows you to buy, sell and trade your digital assets just like any other digital asset on the market.

NFTs are created on the Ethereum blockchain and represent unique assets that cannot be copied or duplicated. They can be bought, sold or traded just like any other digital asset but they have their own value based on their rarity (or uniqueness).

How to Create Unique NFT?

To create a unique NFT, you must first decide what kind of asset it will be. For example, you can create an NFT that is not already on the blockchain.

You also need to think about how many copies of your asset are needed before your initial sale and whether or not there is any competition in this field (i.e., another person selling exactly the same thing). This information will help determine which platforms might best fit your needs as well as what price point would be appropriate for them (if any).

What are the Best Softwares for Creating Unique NFT?

NFTs can be created with a variety of software. Some examples of software that can be used to create NFTs include Photoshop, Illustrator, and other graphic design programs. The type of program you choose will depend on what you want your NFTs to look like and how much money you have available for their creation.

If you do not have access to any professional level photo editing tools or if they're too expensive, there are several free alternatives available online which will allow anyone who has basic skills in using these applications (e.g., using the Pen Tool) enough flexibility within these limits so as not require any prior knowledge or experience before getting started on their own projects!

Create a free account with Open-sea.

  • Click on the sign up button.

  • Fill out the form with all required information and click on create new account.

Go to the drop-down menu, click on Marketplaces and choose the marketplace you want to sell through.

To sell NFTs on Open-sea, you’ll need to create an account. If you don’t already have one, click on the “Sign Up Now” button and follow the steps to set up your account.

Once you have logged in, go to the drop-down menu and choose Marketplaces from the top menu bar. From there, click on “Sell NFTs” if that option isn't obvious enough for you (it should be). You can also search for other types of marketplaces if this doesn't work out for whatever reason or just want something different than what we've listed here specifically!

Click on the Create button in the top right corner. Select your item type, fill out the form and click on Create Asset.

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Set up your bidding method, reserve price and other conditions for selling your NFT.

You have to set up your bidding method, reserve price and other conditions for selling your NFT.

  • Type of item: Select the type of item you are selling from the drop-down menu. The options include virtual currency, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), physical goods such as paintings or sculptures and collectible items like coins or stamps. You can also select an existing token if it has been listed on our marketplace before. If none of these apply to you please use “Other” as this will allow us to create a new NFT for sale based on the information entered here.*Reserve Price: This is how much money we expect people will pay when they place bids on your auction.*Bidding Method: We recommend using High Bidder Guarantee because it allows everyone who wants to bid against each other keep track of who’s winning while providing peace-of-mind protection in case there isn't enough room left at reserve price after all bids have been placed.*Other Conditions For Selling Your NFT

You must verify your identity before selling. You can either verify through centralized IDs or submit a selfie holding up your ID next to your face (this one takes 2-3 days).

You must verify your identity before selling. You can either verify through centralized IDs or submit a selfie holding up your ID next to your face (this one takes 2-3 days).

Verification is required to sell on Open-sea so that our systems can ensure the authenticity of everyone who wants to buy NFTs from us.

Click on List Item and wait for it to be approved. You’ll receive an email from Open-sea once that’s done.

Once you’ve created a listing, click on the “list item” button. You will be directed to the Open-sea dashboard where you can add more information to your listing.

After adding all necessary information and clicking “Save,” wait for it to be approved by Open-sea before submitting it again in order for it to appear on their platform.

The Open-sea platform is an easy way to sell NFTs

The Open-sea platform is an easy way to sell NFTs.

  • It's easy to list your NFT on the platform, and we have a large user base that can help you get the most out of your listing.

  • You'll be able to choose from hundreds of different NFTs, from rare items with high market value, all the way down to more affordable ones that are still worth their weight in gold!


We hope this guide has helped you get started with selling your NFTs. In the near future, we will add tools and features to help you manage your account more easily. You can sign up for updates on our website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for all the latest news about Opensea!

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