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Well-known porn star sends an nexpected message to James Rodriguez


Well-known porn star sends an unexpected message to James Rodriguez

On May 8, Colombian football player James Rodriguez was surprised with a message from none other than Kendra Lust, a well-known American porn star. The message, which was posted on Twitter, read:

kendra lust

“@jamesrodriguez10 real men don’t buy followers. They buy Kendra Lust.” 

The message quickly went viral, with many people wondering what could have possibly prompted Kendra Lust to send it. Some speculated that she might be a big fan of James Rodriguez, while others speculated that she might be looking to score some free publicity. 

However, the truth is that Kendra Lust was simply taking advantage of a recent social media trend. In recent months, there has been a growing trend of people buying fake followers on Twitter in order to appear more popular. This practice is known as “astroturfing”. 

Kendra Lust’s message to James Rodriguez was a clever way to take advantage of this trend and promote her own brand. Some people might see it as a cheap publicity stunt, but there

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