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10 Pro Tips To Shoot A Perfect Cinematic Video

10 Pro Tips To Shoot A Perfect Cinematic Video

Here’s to all the photographers, naive or experienced; you need some serious guidance when it comes to developing a cinematic video that will blow everyone’s mind. Although every minute detail matters to click a picture-perfect even more, there are a handful of tips that help in making any wedding a splendidly romantic event. This blog precisely intends to inform you of those. Are you ready to grasp it? Good, if you nod your head but before heading to it, take note.

Often photographers while making a cinematic video forget that the upshot of the film is more for the people than the venue, décor, dress, etc. A couple on their big day is usually laid-back, but the admirers surrounding them participate energetically. As a juvenile
photographer, you need to take extra care of the specifics so that nothing can go wrong under your name.

Always keep these tips in mind when you set off to the set.

  • Avoid Filming Extra

If you think too many shots can do the job, this is where you’re mistaken. Instead, if you take a few ones, this will save you time, and energy as well you” ll be able to focus during the post. This is vital because a trailer catches the eye in 3-5 minutes.

  • Make your Mind on the Shot

Again, we come to the point where you need to decide between a ton of shots or the right shots? Prior to establishing a shot, assess your intention, in fact, ask yourself “Would I really use this shot or angle in the video? If your mind answers you back “No”, don’t force the shot.

  • Create a Winning Strategy

What are you planning on? Behaving light with gear, fast switching of lenses, and stabilization gear? Whatever situation takes you to be the man of the match, set it up. Also, if you’re considering shooting footage with a tripod, a monopod is much better for creating static shots by the way. They are even fun to handle. You can keep the same base on the glidecam to easily switch back and forth when required.

Pro Tip: Sigma 18-35mm is the best choice for shooting a wedding film. Pair it with the 85mm lens for brilliant shots.

  • Enhance your Shots Naturally

Especially for weddings, don’t overdo the scene. Try to keep it natural as much as possible and take spectacular candid photographs. Take inspiration from one of the best wedding photographers to make sure you’re seizing lots of natural, stunning shots in a sequel.

Pro Tip: Consider Panasonic GH4 with a cinematic picture profile and lenses to obtain a shallow depth of field.

  • Take “Must-Have” Shots

Unlike candid shots, some shots need to be created, for example, an intimate shot of the bride and groom like the kiss. Get these kinds of shots with a safe angle because you’re solely shooting and there are no redos on moments like those.

Pro Tip: If you feel a rehearsal of a certain shot is required, get done with it before moving on. Do some prerequisites like a recce of the location, checking out the exposure, and determining which perspective is optimal.

  • Go Creative

“Must have” shots are fundamental because of the reason we already gave you above. However, next comes fresh angles and unique camera moves to make the footage an unforgettable memory.

Pro Tip: Do this when you get a time-out between the “must-have” shots.

  • Capture Emotions

Did you know the biggest secret to an award-winning wedding film is the emotions of the people in the film? Luckily, the occasion of the wedding fits this context. You lose big time if your filming skills don’t capture the joy, tears and big laughter of both the couple and the guests are a bonus.

A Little Trick: To overcome your customers’ camera shyness, it’s important to build their behind-the-scenes. For this, have the focus and other settings set but more fundamentally, don’t point the camera at them. Point in another direction and when the couple is about to react to a situation, GET THE MASTER SHOT!

  • Practice Makes Perfect

Things take time to be perfect, and of course, practice plays a significant role in it. Simply put, the more weddings you” ll cover, the more you’ll improve at your passion/talent. This way too you” ll know what shots you can capture better, making yourself never miss out on them.

  • Act Like a Ninja

The real challenge is to get all the shots you need in chaos. There are wedding photographers that are a huge nuisance to the schedules of the ceremony. They are spotted with a giant rig, a big matte box, and in the way of the couple while the ceremony is happening.

Pro Tip: For not being an awful distraction to the whole ceremony, pretend you’re a ninja or maybe another character if that means to help.

  • Carry the Right Gears

A wedding can be very overwhelming at times, not only in terms of the event itself but equally in terms of the environment.  It’s wise to travel with a camera and lenses that can accommodate well low light conditions. In addition, use the speed booster to get bright results and striking depth of field.  This tip emerges as a frontrunner when you’re shooting a film in poor light conditions.


Tips help, but in the end, it’s your approach that makes you a world-class photographer. If you find our tips inadequate, put your request down for more. We”ll be glad to assist you!


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